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How to see your computer ip address by (Alamgeer)

step 1 :First open cmd or from keyboard window + R and than type cmd
step 2 :Write ipconfig from your keyboard and press enter.

how to repair damage USB in window (by Karamat Mandokhail)

Step 1:-open command line and type following step by step
Step 2:- diskpart
Step 3:- list disk
Step 4:- select disk X( X is a disk which u want to format)
Step 5:- clean (this may take while plz wait 15 to 20 minute)
Step 6:- active
Step 7:- format fs=fat32 
Step 8:- exit

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Disk From Original Microsoft Account

Step 1: Open Google Chrome
Step 2: Type windows (Windows 10 ISO download)
Step 3: Open the Very First Link
step 4: The Microsoft Original page will be Displayed on Screen.
Step 5: Select setting of Chrome and click on "More tools", and then Click on "Developer tool"
Step 6: on the right corner select "toggle device toolbar" to decrease the resolution of chrome.
Step 7: Refresh your Chrome.
Step 8: Select windows Edition and Click on Confirm
Step 9: Choose the language and Click on Confirm
Step 10:Select the 32 or 64 bit operating system and click on confirm to downlaod

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